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On the 21-23 November the sixth festival edition will be taking place. Kuchnia+ Food Film Fest is a terrific film review, with the cuisine playing the main character. Each day of the festival is devoted to other subject matter. The spectators will have a chance to the moovies in the following sections: Społeczeństwo (the Society), Kultura Kulinarna (the Culture of  Cooking) oraz Smakosze (and The Gourment). There will be 13 movie proposal awaiting for the spectators. The whole festiwal will be functioning under the slogan:„Spróbuj zobaczyć” (meaning: ‘Try watching’). The first day of the festival will concern the social significance of eating. Among other films there are such titles as: “Zdrowy jak jogurt?” (‘as healthy as an yoghurt?’), a film comparing the yoghurt production in factories with the ones made in households, “Ziarno niezgody” (‘Grain of the discord’) speaking about the five international concerns wanting to privatize cereal fields all around the world,  and an intensive film titled “Food Chains: Rolnik czy niewolnik?” (“Food Chains: the Farmer or the slave?”). The last one reveals how a work of the responsible for the presence of food on our plates looks like in reality. The farmers work in difficult conditions  for the salary with which they aren’t able to survive. The answer to a question whether farming is already a slavery we leave to spectators to decide. In the Culinary Culture section the participants will be able to watch among others: „Dashi: esencja Japonii” (‘Dashi: the essence of Japan’), „Gotowane i surowe – kulinarna podróż po Tajwanie” (‘cooked and raw – a culinary travel all over Taiwan’) which was present in the official selection of a Berlin film festival, or „Na tropach generała Tso”(‘on tracks of general Tso’). The Gourmets section is something for real cooking and eating maniacs.  Of last day such films as: „Kobiety i szampan” (‘Women and a champagne’), „Kaiseki – menu Koyamy” (‘Kaiseki – the  Koyama’s menu’), or „El Celler de Can Roca: za kulisami najlepszej restauracji świata” (‘Elas Celler de Can Roca: behind the scenes of the best restaurants of world’). The last film will reveal the secrets of one of the best restaurants in the world. At the end of the festival there will a special surprise awaiting for the participants – „Uczta” (‘The Feast’). The film will take the spectators to the best restaurants in the world and will make them aware there are people who are able to fly to the other continent only to try an extraordinary dish. We are not surprised. We do exactly the same. It is worthwhile treating this film as a special dessert and patiently wait for the end of the festival.
Text: Dorota Ziółkowska

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