Stuffed Gooseneck and Challah




Some 30 per cent of the menu are dishes inspired by the Jewish cuisine, says Justyna Kosmala, the owner of Charlotte Menora. We serve stuffed goose neck, Jewish caviar, that is chopped liver, egg and onion on a grilled challah, two types of bagels: with trout pickled in beetroots and pastrami, and instead of our traditional plate of charcuterie, we have plate of fish and trout caviar (available in the coming days). And we have the sweets: rugella, croissants with poppy and chocolate, blintzes, crepes with cottage cheese, rose water and orange zest and babka with chocolate and raspberries.



We conducted an extensive research about the Jewish cuisine in Poland, Justyna says. We went on a few-day trip to Israel, we browsed numerous cookbooks and we were asking questions our friends and strangers. We came to a conclusion that we are not going to serve hummus and eggplant, typical Israeli dishes which for a long time have been widely known and available in Warsaw. Instead, we drew our inspirations from the Jewish cuisine of the Central and Eastern Europe. It turned out that we had found the most interesting hints in New York, because it was there that the majority of Polish Jews emigrated and it was there that the characteristic Polish-Jewish cuisine survived in the most complete form. So far, it works, people like the food. Yesterday on our opening day, we had a very warm welcome, I’m impressed, Justyna says.




Our first Charlotte bistro on Zbawiciela Squre became a meeting place. We hope that this Charlotte will also become one because Grzybowski Square is a symbolic place in Warsaw. For over hundred years it has been at the crossroads of two cultures: the Polish and the Jewish one. The pre-war buildings of the Próżna street, the Nożyk Synagogue and the All Saints Church all create the unique character of the Square.

Charlotte Menora is part of Menora, a place supervised by the Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN. There is an information point on the Jewish culture in the Museum’s area, as well as a conference and workshop room available for non-governmental institutions and organisations. At the Menora InfoPunkt information centre you can also receive materials and information on the Jewish places in the capital of Warsaw and learn about Jewish cultural events, you can access the available on spot platforms and internet databases, sign up for a city trip and find an old address on a huge map of the pre-war Warsaw. Menora InfoPunkt is open from Monday till Friday from 10.00 to 17.00.

The meeting room is a space prepared to hold workshops and it is available at no cost to non-governmental organisations and institutions active in promoting culture and preserving the Jewish heritage as well as those dealing with human rights protection, civic education, counteracting anti-Semitism, racism and all discrimination. We want to share this space with organisations dealing with themes that we identify with, such as human rights, counteracting discrimination, civic education and, last but not least, organisations involved with the Jewish culture. We are happy to share a meeting space for lectures, workshops, equipped with chairs and tables as well as equipment to organise screenings. We are open to any co-operation proposals – please feel invited!, says Magdalena Maślak, Manager of project “Menora” from Museum POLIN.




And finally, there are culinary workshops which intend to revive the forgotten recipes of the Jewish-Polish cuisine. While learning how to prepare the dishes, one can penetrate what the Jewish cuisine is really about and what it used to be like. The workshops are organised in co-operation with renowned chefs. The first workshops are taking place on the 15th and 18th of March at 18.00. The participants will prepare Purim specialties, under the supervision of famous restaurant owner and columnist Malka Kafka and will sit together at a Shabbats dinner table. The concept of the workshops was created together with Katia Roman-Trzaska from Little Chef. Kenwood is the technological partner of the workshops.

More information at: www.polin.pl/menora

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