Beware of Jolly Dogs

One of the most popular contemporary Polish cartoonists, author of funny pictures, the favourite of celebrities, famous for his dark humour – Bolesław Chromry has so far been recognised for his graphic novels and other related forms. We love his “Pokrzywy” (ENG. “Nettles”) or “Elementarz Polski dla Polaka i Polki z Polski”, (ENG. “ABC for a Polish Man and a Polish Woman from Poland”). We are happy to announce that Damian Siemień, who is also co-operating now with USTA, has debuted as a writer.


His prose “Pozwólcie pieskom przyjść do mnie” (ENG.“Let the Little Dogs Come to Me”) tells the story of a meeting of three little dogs. Gizmo, Punio and Nikotynka unfortunately have no idea that their owners come from three different worlds. Unaware of the consequences of their carefree actions, the three jolly dogs lead to meetings that should never have happened.  The cute story turns into a bloodcurdling criminal intrigue. It is also a portrait of the generation of the big-city thirty-year-olds – both rich and poor, eccentric and common, but still, strikingly similar. Yet again, Bolesław Chromry proves that the truth is the funniest. Below we bring back the interview with the artist.

A Human-link

Brilliant and melancholic commentator of the lacklustre life in Poland, that is nowhere. Bolesław Chromry tells us what it’s like to love Emma Bunton, what he likes about autumn and how to seclude oneself in a massive old block of flats.

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