Inspired by a conversation with Marta Dymek, who recently visited me in Noma, I decided to write about how girls are doing in the kitchen and of course how I am doing there. This is a far wider issue, for now I’ll talk about the girls here in Noma.
Five girls are working in our kitchen. Louisse is involved in Noma for over seven years. She returned at the request of Renè just for the time of the trip to Japan. She is a confectionery master and above all she makes excellent bread. Now she is here in order to train the confectionery section before the arrival of a new chef. Jess and Mette, who also work in this section, are two extremely talented young girls. I saw their talent during Saturday’s projects.
Viviane works in the AM kitchen and makes juices so far because she is in Noma only a few months. There is Garima, which belongs to the second section, the hardest one, which is responsible for hot dishes. There are five interns now: Ellie, Kristy, Nicole, Camila and I. There was one more, but she disappeared.
People say that cooking is a male subject, and that the best chefs are men. This is partly true because professional cooking does not belong to the world’s lightest tasks. But I can’t agree that this is not a profession for a girl. Of course we are weaker by nature, and we can’t do some things, but only because of the lack of physical strength. Each of the girls here is simply amazing and doesn’t let others push her around. Apparently we women are weaker, but it turns out we can be pretty tough.
Some time ago I talked with Kristy about whether we would be able to sacrifice ourselves and work in the kitchen the next few years. Of course, that I am able to work the next 2-3 years at high speed, but then I would like to slow down and start planning to have a family. Now every boy can clap his hands. Us girls, we have a little less time. I don’t want to plan children in the age of 40+. Of course, not every girl thinks the same way, but it is kind of the number one topic.
And how are we in the kitchen? I think we beat some of the guys, especially those who pretend to be tough and start to panic in stressful situations. Of course, we are not always strong enough to lift or move something, then men’s help is needed, but none of us is asking for a special treatment for the sake of sex.
This is not a feminist essay, nor the voice of all the female chefs. That’s my thoughts. As of today, I know one thing: girls for chefs!!!!
Text and photos: Maria Przybyszewska
The sponsor of Maria Przybyszewska’s report from the stay in Noma is HERMES, a manufacturer of functional water taste. www.hermes-amita.com.pl

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