Pastels and Sandwiches

When you open the doors of Bar Luce, you already know that this is not an average café, opened for lazy tourists. This is a place where you come between the fashion shows (as the bar is located in Largo Isarco at the outskirts of Milan!) or at the weekends to sit in peace, talk and feel like the sophisticated Gustave H. from “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

Wes Anderson is a friend and devoted fan of Miuccia, and that is why on the occasion of the opening of the spectacular Fondazione Prada (opposite the bar), he decided to revive the soul of the old-school Milan cafés from the 1950s and 1960s. To achieve the intended effect, Anderson focused on the details – from veneered wood panels to custom designed furniture by Formica. And he achieved what he planned: “I tried to make it a bar I would want to spend my own non-fictional afternoons” the director admitted. The pastel colours of the place reflect the director’s style, well-known from his aesthetically tasty films. The photo wallpaper reminding a glass dome refers to the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, located in the very centre of Milan, where Prada has her oldest family boutique.

And when it comes to the food, Bar Luce offers a menu no less sublime than the interior: delicious sandwiches with mortadella, sweet donuts with sugar icing, classic tiramisu, ice-cream in (no wonder) pastel colours and obviously, as every respectable café in Milan, a divine cappuccino. For those more thirsty, Luce offers a wide range of Italian drinks. While at the Italian capital of fashion, paying a visit to Bar Luce is simply a must. Just as checking the temporary exhibition of a Polish artist Goshka Macuga at Fondazione Prada.

Bar Luce (Fondazione Prada), Largo Isarco, 2, Mediolan

Goshka Macuga “To The Son of Man Who Ate the Scroll“, until 19.06.2015

Text and photos: Edward Kanarecki

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