The festival of kids

We have pleasure to invite to another of the series of festivals jointly organised by USTA Magazine and Mysia 3 shopping centre. This time the event is dedicated to the youngest. We will present a selection of unique brands of toys, clothes, cosmetics, books and furniture for children.

– 8/05/2017 –

But most importantly, we want to show you how to actively spend time with your kids. This is why we invited societies which organise interesting workshops to work with us. If you haven’t heard about them yet it is worth checking their agenda, they all operate in Warsaw on a daily basis.

What is more, you will have a chance to listen to the experts and their views on children and the important aspects of spending time with them. We are very pleased that Krystyna Starczewska accepted our invitation. She is an outstanding teacher, an educationalist with a great heart and a founder of the first social school in Poland. She is sometimes called the Korczak of today. She will be talking about her personal approach to raising children.

Grzegorz Łapanowski is a famous chef but for the past few years he also has been running Szkoła na widelcu foundation (Eng. School on Fork), whose mission is to reform school canteens. He knows a thousand ways to make kids eat better and healthier and how to make this sometimes hard task actually happen.

Since the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are approaching, you will find beautiful gift ideas for your mums and dads. There will also be snacks for both kids and adults. Come and spend this wonderful Saturday with your entire family in Mysia 3 shopping centre! Least to say, let’s make it a Children’s Day for ourselves and our little ones!


11.00 – What am I made of? Creative workshops of Spotlight Kids artistic platform

What is a work of art made of? Some say that a good composition is enough. How about myself? What am I made of? I have an eye, I even got two ones, and hands and legs and lots of other parts – but what makes me into myself? We will create the graphic portraits of ourselves with the letterpress printing technique, we will discuss the role of sign and symbol and we will look for the differences and common traits of all of us, the humans, the kids, the creatures of the Earth.

The workshop starts at 11.00 and will last one hour. A limited number of places, book in advance. Cost 25 PLN.

12.00 – Mission Canteen – Grzegorz Łapanowski, founder of Szkoła na widelcu foundation, will talk about good nutrition for kids, in theory and practice.

13.00 – Krystyna Starczewska, philosopher, pedagogue, founder of social schooling in Poland, founder and for many years director of Bednarska School Complex will talk about her approach towards children education.

14.00 – Unschooling, democratic school – a revolution in education, meeting with Marianna Kosińska, founder of Bullerbyn Foundation and of the first democratic schools in Poland.

15.00 – training with SNIEZNE POTWORY (Eng. SNOW MONSTERS) (free).

11.00 – 18.00 throughout the day the kids will have a chance to play with a unique instrument Musicon Club created by Polish designers specially for children. It allows you to spontaneously play with sound and create and perform your own music pieces. Its unique construction enables to touch, see and hear the effects of all the mentioned musical experiments. It develops creativity, talents for music, mathematics and programming (free).

EXHIBITORS: choochoo., Purite, Naturalnie na patyku (Eng. Naturally on stick), Dzioopla Project, MISS MELLOW, Vanity Nap, MILLE, Derma Polska, GingerOrganic Copenhagen, SNIEZNE POTWORY, SPOTLIGHT KIDS, Kollale, Jacobsony, Sucré – Natural Ice Cream, AGATA BIELEŃ, Detoxikate • Kasia Knioła, Dwie Siostry Publishing House, Karmiuszka, COOKie, Musicon Club, O JEJU, Kopytko Mamuta, L’amulette, Bullerbyn Foundation for. Children and Adults CommunityLili Living, MOD.

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