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In early April we held a premiere of a new cookbook, prepared and published by the Usta Magazine team. This time our book concetrates on the flavours: why sweet goes well with sour and why sour is a perfect match for salty. We explain the meaning of umami and the role of structure and colours. We suggest what goes well with eggplant, strawberries and fish. “Wzór na smak” (Eng. A Formula for Flavour”)  was written by Grzegorz Łapanowski, the photos were taken by Krzysztof Kozanowski and the beautiful layout was designed by Joanna Skiba.

– 20/06/2017 –

Grzegorza Łapanowski – you probably know him from the Warsaw Food Lab Studio, the Szkoła na Widelcu foundation (Eng. School on Fork), or from the TV. You might be aware that he cooks, trains chefs and works with children. But you didn’t realise that for many years he has been taking down notes on the best flavour combinations. His mind is always on new flavours and new dishes. He’s truly a chef with passion – always hungry for new discoveries. The idea of this book was born out of his research, trials and experiments. They took shape and so his cookbook „Wzór na smak” was released in the beginning of April.



Sweet, sour, bitter, salty as well as umami and greasy – all the flavours are on the table. Łapanowski precisely explains how these flavours affect us and how to use their power in order to create a perfect dish. He describes why sweet likes the company of sour and why sour goes well with salty. He writes about the “meatiness” of umami and discusses the phenomenon of stock cube. He also talks about the role of structure and colours in the process of combining the ingredients and making them into a meal.





This book also shows how the culinary tricks help you get the best of each dish element, how to achieve a depth and character of a flavour. You will learn what is the best way of treating e.g. a tomato: how to cut it, grate it, mash it, chop it, bake it  boil it and braise it. Grzegorz discloses what makes a perfect coating and how to prepare a superb, juicy chicken. He describes how to bring out the flavour essence of basil, thyme, rosemary, sage, anise, fennel, onion, garlic or lemon while pairing them with pork, beef, lamb or fish.



Łapanowski deciphers and explains the most universal flavour combinations but he also suggests new ideas for unexpected flavour mixes. In the book you will find culinary tales, recipes and examples of best flavour combinations. This is a book about the meeting of flavours. It is a perfect crib sheet for beginners as well as a great inspiration for seasoned cooking lovers.

Wzór na smak, Grzegorz Łapanowski, Full Meal Publishing 2017

The book is available at a special price here:



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