Tokay and Egri Bikaver. Or, perhaps the hairy, fat pig Mangalica. These are the first culinary associations that come to our minds when we think about Hungary. But who of you knows that apart from the delicious pork there are the grey cattle from the Hungarian Pannonian steppe? And the wine? Would you believe that there are 22 winery regions in this country? We like Hungarian goulash, lecsó, or foie gras, but actually, we don’t know much about the rich culinary culture of our Hungarian “cousins”. This is why it is worth going to Terroir Forum in Budapest. Following Berlin’s Terroir this is yet another event which brings together gastronomy sector and the foodies.

– 29/10/2017 –

You have to go to Budapest, especially since there’s a lot going on in the city’s culinary scene. You had a chance to learn about it from our guide to Budapest in issue 12 of the USTA Magazine. Four star-awarded restaurants are already a good reason to set on a trip to the capital of Hungary.



The meeting takes place on October 30 at the Brody Studios. The participants come from all culinary corners: journalists, producers, food researchers, sommeliers and chefs from Hungary and abroad. For those, who follow the Hungarian culinary scene: two most recognisable food figures – Zsofia Mautner and Andras Jokuti will be there. Miguel Rocha Vieira, a Portuguese who earned the first Michelin star for Hungary at the Costes restaurant in 2010, will also join the event. Other renowned guests are Amanda Cohen from the New York’s plant-based restaurant Dirt Candy and Albert Ponzo, who until recently was a chef at the famous Le Sélect Bistro in Toronto. We’ve heard that Poland will have a strong representation. We are coming as well! Raising a glass of a volcanic wine, we are looking forward to joining the discussions, workshops, and lectures at Terroir Forum Budapest.

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