Salt Wave Festival


Salt Wave is the only festival of that kind in Poland. You will meet there your neighbours from the camping and friends from all around Poland. This is the culminating and emotional goodbye party for the summer in the Hel peninsula. Two days of chill out and top music trends. Among the artists, there are The Cinematic Orchestra, Jacob Banks, PRO8L3M, WhoMadeWho, Fisz Emade Tworzywo, Kamp!, and many others. This is an avid attempt to steal every minute of the summertime and to preserve moments to remember.




Salt Wave is a boutique festival created for people who, after the first summer festivals in early July, hide away in the caravans for the entire holiday season and never plan anything. No one is in a rush, time passes on lazy walks on the beach, sitting at the bonfire, lying in a hammock, riding longboard, playing Frisbee and listening to the music. If you need more activity, there is kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, wakeboarding and SUP.




The festival takes place on a small airfield near Jastarnia, just a dozen kilometres from the most popular accommodations. Two scenes, foodtrucks and fashion space. The bay from one side and the Baltic sea from another. The area is surrounded by forest and water.




Line up: The Cinematic Orchestra, Fisz EmadeTworzywo, Jacob Banks, PRO8L3M, The Dumplings, BOKKA, Kamp!, WhoMadeWho, Rosalie., EABS, Kasia Lins, Kroki, Skarby, Oscar Jerome, AGIM, Flirtini

More at: www.saltwave.pl

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