Statonary Makutra

Makutra belongs to the list of our favourite stores with kitchen equipment. So far it was functioning only as an online shop. Right now Makutra just opened a stationary registered office. The store operates in Warsaw, on a small, charming Oleandrow street.

– 16/04/2014 –

Store’s insider resembles of a home larder, raw timber, unpainted walls constitute an excellent background for kitchen accessories emphasizing their warm, unique character. Makutra was created for people who love cooking and love beautiful objects – says Magdalena Raczkowska, Makutra’s owner. We pay homage to traditional cuisine. In the store it is possible to find bowls for making pastry, stone rollers, gloss paint, accessories to product preserves. Classic models, prestigious brands with the long-standing tradition. French, British, Spanish and Italian design. Is it pleasant to cook and to bake in beautiful dishes – she adds. Makutra, Warsaw, Oleandrów 5 street.
DSC_2229 photos: Julita Strzałkowska

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