The premiere of a new vintage of the cult Johanniter Ultra was organised in SPOT in Poznań. The wine was presented by Lech Mill himself – the owner of the Dom Bliskowice winery.

– 1/10/2017 –


He calls himself teasingly “a simple guy from Marszałkowska Street, who produces wine near Annopol”. But his winery Dom Bliskowice is unquestionably one of the most interesting and best winery projects in Poland. What distinguishes his brand is the individual character of each wine. They are an alternative to “stylized, repetitive productions modelled in labs”.


This idea also inspired DB.J’16 Ultra, a johanniter wine, which was fermented for several days with skins.   Wojciech Bońkowski thus described the 2015 vintage: „the essence of tangerine, the warm sunset over the Vistula plateau, the Indian summer flavoured with apricots and the spicy reminiscence of the trips to the East […] is this the best Polish wine in history?” The new vintage, bottled just a few days before the premiere, was in contact with skins (for two weeks), has a solid structure, is perfectly balanced and keeps on surprising us with its flavour architecture. Lucky are those, who will be able to buy at least one of only 1300 bottles!


The premiere of DB.J’16 took place as part of „Korki z polskich win” (Eng. “Corks from Polish Wines”), a series of discussions and tastings presenting Poland’s top projects and people involved in wineries.  The series is organised by SPOT and Ferment, a new magazine about wine.

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