Łukasz Karmowski continues the tradition passed down from generation to generation. His grandfather had been a spirit-based tinctures producer and his father used to run a distillery. Łukasz himself for over 15 years has been taking care of the finest quality distillates, carefully monitoring each stage of production. Thanks to his passion and solid knowledge a truly unique vodka was created at the distillery in Radzicz.

– 20/02/2018 –

Wyborowa od Mistrza (eng. Master’s Wyborowa) is a new artisanal vodka. The traditional production method, which hadn’t changed in years is the fundament of the Radzicz distillery in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. Meticulousness and care for detail are well visible acroos all stages of production. Wyborowa od Mistrza is made of rye which is solely sourced from local farmers. The design of the matte glass bottle and the label with historical drawing of the distillery and the master also reflect the unique character of this spirit. The quality and the clearness of this vodka is guaranteed by the 90 years of the history of the Wyborowa brand.

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