White & red

WHITE RED The Polish Wine Festival
Venue: Forteca, Warszawa, Zakroczymska str. 12
Date: June 24 – 25
Participants: wine producers from all wine regions of Poland
Special guests: W. Włodarczyk, M. Nowicki, W. Bońkowski, M. Bieńczyk
Partners: The Association of Polish Sommeliers
Media partners: Winicjatywa, Ferment. Pismo o winie.
Admission: 10 PLN /catalog of exhibitors, festival attractions
SUNDAY June 24 th Venue: Forteca
11 – 20 sale, tasting, associated activities
20 – 24 Poland – Colombia World Cup match, after market party
Master of ceremony: Katarzyna Bosacka & Piotr Kamecki
Local producers of cheese, cold meats and bread – market stands and wine & cheese pairing with Gien Mientkiewicz
Sommelier Emergency Service – sommelier advices from the Association of Polish Sommeliers
Women and Wine Association – enotouristic advices
Stands with wine publications, talks with authors, signing books
Catering, competitions for the public, chillout room, babysitter, convenient parking
Venue: Forteca
(admission without reservation, venue capacity limited by the number of chairs)
14-15 “WINA GROWING AND PRODUCTION IN POLAND”, moderator: prof. W. Włodarczyk
12-13 and 16-17 “WINE REGIONS IN POLAND”, moderator: M. Nowicki
18-19 “POLAND IN A BOTTLE” moderator: M. Bieńczyk i W. Bońkowski
MONDAY June 25th Venue: Forteca
9.30 – 11 “What’s the deal with Polish wine?”. Discussion panel with the participation of producers, distributors, restaurateurs, merchants, sommeliers. On-line reservations via applications from restaurants and shops
Moderator: Tomasz Prange-Barczyński
Panelists: Piotr Kamecki – sommelier, Agnieszka Kręglicka – restaurateur, Sławomir Chrzczonowicz – distributor, Małgorzata Minta – publicist, culinary critic, Agnieszka Rousseau – producer
11 – 14 individual tastings and trade talks
14 – closing of the event
Menu with Polish wine
Venue: Ale Wino, Bez Gwiazdek, Bibenda, Przegryź, Charlotte, Zielony Niedźwiedź, Dyletanci, Opasły Tom, Rozbrat 20, Kieliszki na Próżnej.
Friday – Sunday
restaurants invite for Polish wine, establish direct contact with winemakers, arrange dinner with commented tasting. The offer is available throughout the Festival according to own scenarios, own sales and promotions
Films for Food
Venue: Muranów Cinema/ Friday – Saturday
22 June (Friday) 20:00 “Somm” directed by Jason Wise
A story of four friends who take an exam that will bring them to the sommelier heights. The Master Sommelier Exam is a prestigious exam for sommeliers, which only 200 applicants have passed in iits 50-year history. The procedure itself has never been filmed before. Until now!
23 June (Saturday) 20:00 “Women’s Nature and Wine” directed by Giulia Graglia Portraits of four fascinating women who share a passion for creating natural wine. Dora Forsoni, Nicoletta Bocca, Elisabetta Foradori and Arianna Occhipinti have taken by storm the world of wine producers, a business dominated by men.
Wine film screenings, discussions after the screenings

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