We have a pleasure to invite you to the fourth edition of our event dedicated to the body. This time during the Festival of Body in Mysia 3, we will bring you health and wellbeing consultations, quick massage sessions and fitness area. Come and join us at Mysia 3 Shopping centre on December 1!

– 15/11/2018 –

In the wintertime, our bodies need special treatment. They are cold and pale, they miss the tender sunshine, a moment of relax and time just for oneself. Let’s nourish our bodies with a little bit of pleasure! On December 1, you will be able to choose sensual fragrances, quality cosmetics, delicate fabrics, cosy clothes, and beautiful jewellery. However, let’s not forget about our palates, there will be delicacies and hot drinks, and on top of that, some challenges for our muscles. Everything that can make your body feel better will be awaiting you the entire day on the third floor of Mysia 3 Shopping Centre. Following the wisdom that life is made up of small pleasures, we will show you what you can add to your daily routines to make your body a happy home for your soul. The Festival of Body is not only an excellent occasion to take care of yourself, but also to look after your loved ones and find exceptional Christmas presents.


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