he bar and restaurant UL (Eng. Beehive) in Poznanska street has undergone a real metamorphosis and has now become UL Yafo. On that occasion, Polish artist Laura Pawela made a series of collages blending ancient photographies from Tel Aviv Jaffa and the contemporary aesthetics of computer error.


– 24/01/2019 –

The collages intend to combine the instagram image of UL with the middle eastern cuisine that the restaurant has just started serving. The collages hang on the walls in lit up panels, but they also appear as tiny images in less obvious areas like the menu. Pawela created these images for her friend Karol Machnikowski – the new main chef at UL.

You need to pay a visit to UL not only for artistic reasons. Pitas with slow baked ribs with dates BBQ sauce, grilled aubergine with tahini sauce and rose petals, home-made merguez sausages and pickles are only some of the novelties in UL menu. Both vegans and meat eaters will be happy. According to the menu authors, nothing brings people together like a common good meal and this is why, they introduced small mezzes to share and combine as you please.

UL Yafo
Poznańska 16, Warsaw

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