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Souvenirs from the Seaside

Fridge magnets, whistling seagulls, seashell caskets or bracelets with burnt letters with your name – this sort of images pop up in my head when I think of the “souvenirs from the seaside”. It turns out that luckily, one can see the light at the end of this camp tunnel. “Zatoka –  autorskie pamiątki” (Eng. “The Bay – Original Souvenirs”) is an initiative launched by Fundacja Palma. The organisers invited a group of artists from the Tri-city to design souvenirs from the seaside. Finally, you can bring something from your holidays that won’t feel awkward! (more…)

Gluten Heaven in Żoliborz

When Monika Walecka bought a family apartment in the Warsaw district of Żoliborz, she started dreaming of opening a local bakery where she would bake bread for her neighbours. She found her place on the ground floor a modernist 4th Warsaw Colony building from 1930. One of the neighbours, Maurycy Gomulicki who lives in the same building, designed a logo for the bakery – a mermaid holding a baguette. This is how "Cała W Mące" (Eng. “Flour-covered”) was born, a bakery that stole the hearts of many people of Warsaw, not only Monika’s neighbours. (more…)

Singapore: Tourism in a new reality

For Singapore, the long-awaited easing of restrictions is finally becoming a reality. The borders of the country are gradually opening up, although for now with reservations about the intensity of traffic, where visitors are coming from and their purpose of visit, and in accordance with the necessary security measures. What makes Singapore confident amidst this reality? First of all, it is a spirit of progress and innovation that is rooted in local culture and lifestyle. The city is constantly developing, learning, changing, and thanks to experience and advanced technologies, it shapes its own future. Everyone here feels part of this future.

Floral Celebration

On June 6, we are going to celebrate the Festival of Flowers for the sixth time! We are really looking forward to the long-postponed meeting with you, our guests and sellers in Warsaw at the Mysia 3 Shopping Centre. We love this yearly tradition of starting the new season with a floral celebration. As each year, we have invited flower stores, plant sellers, as well as small craft brands producing ceramics, vases and plant pots. You will also have a chance to try plant-based cosmetics, try on clothes and jewellery with floral patterns, eat vegan food, sweets and snacks from local bakeries and drink exquisite herbal infusions and coffee. (more…)

The Emperor’s Omelette

We recently went to the Austrian Alps. We were skiing all day. And then après-ski, in a mountain shelter we ate the famous Kaiserschmarrn – the leftovers from the emperor’s table, a characteristic shredded omelette. It tasted like never before. (more…)

Singapore Food Festival 2020

Singapore is famous for its diversity among food lovers. Here you can discover flavors from many corners of the world, both street food and Michelin-starred. Singapore Food Festival is their celebration, which will be held in a virtual form for the first time in 27 years. Thanks to this, festival goers from all over the world will have the opportunity to take part virtually in attractions prepared by more than 25 partners. During two weekends in August (21–23 August and 28–30 August), participants will join virtual food tours, live masterclasses, look at the cooperation of chefs. (more…)

 Człowiek z dżungli

Szef kuchni, ale niezwykły. Niektórym jawi się jako współczesny amazoński szaman, innym jako kulinarny rockandrollowiec. Bożyszcze i aktywista w jednym. Z Alexem Atalą, twórcą restauracji D.O.M. w São Paulo, rozmawiamy o sile głosu, łapaniu równowagi i potędze Brazylii. (more…)


When we chose the theme of this issue, we thought we would be releasing it into a beautiful healthy Polish spring. At the time when everything around starts getting back to life, but we are still tired of the long winter, lack of sunshine and optimism. The time, when we need new source of energy. Meanwhile, just before we sent this issue to print, we were hit by the coronavirus pandemic, which turned the world, as we knew it upside down. The world stopped and we held our breaths, concerned about what is happening around us. We are full of contradictory feelings. From panic and fear for the health of our families and loved ones to concern for the future of our businesses, economy and education. On the other hand, the virus achieved what seemed impossible: it stood in the way of the galloping consumerism. (more…)

The Festival of Body vol.5

This is the fifth time that we organise the Festival of Body. We bring it to you at this time of the year when we all need special treatment. Let us give ourselves a little bit of pleasure! On November 30at the Mysia 3 Shopping Centre, you will be able to choose from sensual fragrances, quality cosmetics, delicate fabrics, sustainable clothes, beautiful jewellery, and, last, but not least, gorge on delicacies, warm up with tasty drinks and face some physical challenges that will get your muscles going. (more…)

Spokój w skansenie

Nie da się ukryć, że pandemiczne wydarzenia zmieniły nasz sposób życia w mieście, korzystania z knajp, imprezowania. Kiedy myślimy o wyjątkowej kolacji, raczej nie planujemy już tak ochoczo wieczoru z menu degustacyjnym – chcemy czegoś na luzie, pragniemy oddechu. I na tę potrzebę odpowiada świetnie kolektyw KoperBernNowicki, tworząc miejsce spotkań w skansenie w Nowej Suchej oraz inauguracyjne wydarzenie pod nazwą „Uczta Nastroje”. (more…)


At early spring we miss exotic tastes. We fantasize about holidays and long journeys. We don’t need much to move under the palm during  the meal time. (more…)

Unicorns and Escargots

  The first Charlotte opened in Zbawiciela Square 10 years ago and immediately won the hearts of the people of Warsaw. The concept of a French bistro that serves bread, sandwiches, cakes, coffee, and wine, in elegant atmosphere and yet in good prices, turned out a great success. Soon, another bistros started opening in Krakow, Wroclaw, and the second location in Warsaw. Today, the third Charlotte bistro in Warsaw opens its doors near the Charles de Gaulle roundabout. We have checked for you what the new Charlotte Bouillon is about, what’s new is in the menu and on the walls. We are discussing this successful gastronomy concept with co-founder Justyna Kosmala. (more…)