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When we chose the theme of this issue, we thought we would be releasing it into a beautiful healthy Polish spring. At the time when everything around starts getting back to life, but we are still tired of the long winter, lack of sunshine and optimism. The time, when we need new source of energy. Meanwhile, just before we sent this issue to print, we were hit by the coronavirus pandemic, which turned the world, as we knew it upside down. The world stopped and we held our breaths, concerned about what is happening around us. We are full of contradictory feelings. From panic and fear for the health of our families and loved ones to concern for the future of our businesses, economy and education. On the other hand, the virus achieved what seemed impossible: it stood in the way of the galloping consumerism. (more…)


At early spring we miss exotic tastes. We fantasize about holidays and long journeys. We don’t need much to move under the palm during  the meal time. (more…)

Unicorns and Escargots

  The first Charlotte opened in Zbawiciela Square 10 years ago and immediately won the hearts of the people of Warsaw. The concept of a French bistro that serves bread, sandwiches, cakes, coffee, and wine, in elegant atmosphere and yet in good prices, turned out a great success. Soon, another bistros started opening in Krakow, Wroclaw, and the second location in Warsaw. Today, the third Charlotte bistro in Warsaw opens its doors near the Charles de Gaulle roundabout. We have checked for you what the new Charlotte Bouillon is about, what’s new is in the menu and on the walls. We are discussing this successful gastronomy concept with co-founder Justyna Kosmala. (more…)

The First Bourbon Bar in Warsaw

AURA bar is the first bourbon bar opened in Warsaw. It was born out of love for people and discussions over quality spirits, and obviously, love for American whiskey. The bar is located in the 19th century tenement house of Jochwet Taubenhouse in 27 Hoża Street. The two owners, who are privately friends, both have a solid experience in the gastronomy business, from bartender to owner. (more…)

Eye on Wrocław vol. 4

A few moments in bed with Yoko and John, an hour of Japanese delight for body and palate,a relaxation in the garden with an installation full of sounds and smells, a one-day art gallery and a site specific installation - this is the programme we are coming back with to Wrocław. One year after the last edition, on September 7, we invite you to Eye on Wrocław to show you, in a whole new way, the finest phenomena, brands and people of Wrocław. (more…)

The Emperor’s Omelette

We recently went to the Austrian Alps. We were skiing all day. And then après-ski, in a mountain shelter we ate the famous Kaiserschmarrn – the leftovers from the emperor’s table, a characteristic shredded omelette. It tasted like never before. (more…)

USTA Magazine – The Classic

The autumn issue of the USTA Magazine is already out. Let’s take a look what awaits you inside. Here is some sneak peak. The autumn season puts us in a nostalgic mood. Another summer has passed, the leaves are turning red, conkers and acorns are torpedoing the streets, and we are trying to keep poker faces up against the incoming chills and the looming winter in our beautiful country. At this time of the year, it is good to turn to proven methods of lifting oneself up. The classic forms and flavours. The quality, the elegance, the simplicity. The durability and the chance to rely on the tradition seem especially encouraging in the autumn/winter season. This is why we devoted a lot of attention to Vienna. We paid a visit to the Jarosinski & Vaugoin manufacture, which survived two centuries in the same place in the very heart of the city. We visited cafés and retro bars but we also ventured to discover the new, modern face of the Austrian

Beware of Jolly Dogs

One of the most popular contemporary Polish cartoonists, author of funny pictures, the favourite of celebrities, famous for his dark humour – Bolesław Chromry has so far been recognised for his graphic novels and other related forms. We love his “Pokrzywy” (ENG. “Nettles”) or “Elementarz Polski dla Polaka i Polki z Polski”, (ENG. “ABC for a Polish Man and a Polish Woman from Poland”). We are happy to announce that Damian Siemień, who is also co-operating now with USTA, has debuted as a writer.   His prose “Pozwólcie pieskom przyjść do mnie” (ENG.“Let the Little Dogs Come to Me”) tells the story of a meeting of three little dogs. Gizmo, Punio and Nikotynka unfortunately have no idea that their owners come from three different worlds. Unaware of the consequences of their carefree actions, the three jolly dogs lead to meetings that should never have happened.  The cute story turns into a bloodcurdling criminal intrigue. It is also a portrait of the generation of the big-city thirty-year-olds – both rich and poor, eccentric and


Hashtag #vanlife still rules in the social media, especially in the sunny-Californian version. Who would imagine, however, setting on a journey to the distant Japan in a campervan and with three kids?! It turns out this can be a perfect vacation for a family of 5. Here is the proof - the travel journal. (more…)

The Festival of Body vol.5

This is the fifth time that we organise the Festival of Body. We bring it to you at this time of the year when we all need special treatment. Let us give ourselves a little bit of pleasure! On November 30at the Mysia 3 Shopping Centre, you will be able to choose from sensual fragrances, quality cosmetics, delicate fabrics, sustainable clothes, beautiful jewellery, and, last, but not least, gorge on delicacies, warm up with tasty drinks and face some physical challenges that will get your muscles going. (more…)

Yeast Cake with Ginger Pudding and Plums

  Making a good yeast cake is quite a challenge. It requires time, patience and technique. However, the effect is worth it – here is a beautifully grown, fresh cake in the autumn version with plums, ginger pudding and butter crumble. (more…)

Slowlife in the Izery Mountains

If you dream about going to the mountains, it is worth considering a less-visited part of the Sudety Mountains. Stay away from the crowded Zakopane or popular Bieszczady. Instead, discover the far less touristic Izery Mountains. It is there that Łukasz Witkowski and Piotr Lichniak created KWIECI – a boutique guesthouse. They decided to change their lives by transforming an over 100-year old school into a low-key guesthouse. They preserved some of the original elements of the building, added a little bit of modern design and a lot of their love and enthusiasm.   (more…)

A Quest for the Best Pizza

The best pizza in the world! Where on earth!? We travelled in search for it to Naples. We've found it 40 km from the city centre in a tiny village Caiazzo. Each day, crowds are lining in front of Pepe in Grani, dreaming of a slice of margherita or pepperoni. We were lucky enough not only to taste it but also to talk to Pepe Franco, the founder of this place. (more…)