We have a pleasure to invite you to the fourth edition of our event dedicated to the body. This time during the Festival of Body in Mysia 3, we will bring you health and wellbeing consultations, quick massage sessions and fitness area. Come and join us at Mysia 3 Shopping centre on December 1!


For the fourth time we have a pleasure to invite you to one of our favourite festivals at Mysia 3 Shopping Centre. Two queens – coffee and tea – will reign at the October edition of one our cyclical events – the Festival of Tea and Coffee.



We have a pleasure to invite you to the second edition of Crops – The Festival of the Countryside. Last year’s event in Warsaw had a fantastic turnout and this is why we decided to organise the Festival again. There will be delicious products straight from the field, unique handicraft, natural cosmetics as well as discussions about modern farming methods. 


Open air, low-key concerts, stargazing, and little feasts all await you at the extraordinary Breaths Festival (Pl. Tchnienia). The Festival takes place in an ancient Orthodox church in Baligród in the Jabłonka River Valley, in late August, early September. USTA Magazine is media patron on the event!

Different Pressure Levels

In the current issue of the USTA Magazine you can read an interview with Andrzej Bargiel, the first man to ski down the Broad Peak in Karakorum. Few years ago he left everyone behind in the prestigious Elbus Race in extreme class. Last summer he established a new record in the fastest conquest of the five highest peaks of the former USSR. Andrzej tells us about the hardships, the turning points and the reasons why it is worth going alone in the mountains and live there day by day.

White & red

The first WHITE RED Polish Wine Festival will be held from 24 to 25 June. (THE PROGRAM BELOW) The festival has been created on the initiative of wine enthusiasts involved in the reconstruction of the wine culture in Poland: restaurateurs, winemakers, wine importers and distributors. WHITE RED The Polish Wine Festival will be facilitated at Forteca u Kręglickich and is intended to popularize Polish wine by showing that in Poland interesting wine is produced, often more appreciated outside it.

Truffle polenta with asparagus tempura

To say goodbye to the asparagus season, we bring you a delicious vegan recipe idea by Mickey Rotten. Served in tempura on truffle polenta with tarragon vinaigrette –that’s something nice and new. Especially that the we’ve eaten all other versions of asparagus – boiled, fried, in salad, with an omelette –  already dozen times this season. Bon appetit!

(Polski) Drożdżówka z budyniem imbirowym i śliwkami


You have no idea how excited we were when we decided that the next USTA issue will be dedicated to vintage! Our editorial team haven’t been this euphoric about the theme of our magazine for a long time! With sparkles in our eyes, fantastic ideas for photo shootings and articles we started working on the new issue of the USTA Magazine about all things vintage.



For the first time USTA Magazine invites you to the “Eye on…” event in Krakow. Another episode of our series of events organised together with PURO hotels will take place on September 22. Come and join us!


The summer issue of the USTA Magazine is dedicated to the everyday life. We will take a look at it from philosophical, architectural, cultural and, of course, culinary perspective. We bring you both a dose of reflection, like our material on zero waste, and homey, summer treats. 


This year OFF Festival will bring you not only fantastic concerts (M.I.A., Charlotte Gainsbourg or Ariel Pink), but also the Literary Café where you will be able to meet with writers, listen to radio plays and discuss literature. We interviewed Sylvia Chutnik – the curator of OFF’s literary corner. 


After months of intense work we can proudly announce that we have opened our own bistro. We serve vegan food, third wave coffee, orange wines and we have a small greenhouse with succulents, and artisanal ceramics – everything we love most gathered in one place. This is our Eden. Come visit us in Saska Kępa!


We’ve been waiting impatiently for winter to finally come to an end and for the plants to develop the first sprouts. In our Spring USTA issue we concentrate on the development, the possibility to change and evolve. We firmly believe it is necessary to fully enjoy your life.


Collectors in Poland – we checked what they are gathering, and why and how much their collections gain in value. We described people with a broad spectrum of interests, ranging from Scandinavian design, GDR glass, and Polish photography to plastic beads and toys from Olympia flea market. In the new USTA Magazine we bring you interviews with specialists in collecting like Maurycy Gomulicki or Adam Leja.


With a grain of his own unique contrariness, he readily emphasizes that in case of Category 5 hurricane, he would remain sitting in his living room, eating peanuts and contemplating nature’s frenzy. Meet Rodrigo Larios, architect, artist and master in living.



They travelled thousands of kilometres, visited 33 cities and over 170 cafes. They drank hectolitres of coffee and ate tones of cake, but above all, they met wonderful people and learned their inspiring stories. Coffee Spots Polska guide describes all Polish independent cafes with speciality coffee and tells the story of the third wave coffee in Poland. It is also a compendium of knowledge of coffee provenance, roasting and brewing. USTA is media patron of the book.


Leica 6×7 Gallery Warsaw hosts the first solo exhibition of Alicja Biala in Warsaw. The exhibition titled „Polska” is an extensive presentation of photo-collages from the „Polish Cut-Outs” cycle. This series was initially created as visual illustrations to the poems of Marcin Świetlicki „Polska, wiązanka pieśni patriotycznych” („Poland, a Series of Patriotic Songs”) to finally turn into a performance„Polska bez obrazy”. („Poland no Offence”).


Unconventional, determined, decided and independent – a man that chooses his own destiny. This is the ode to the masculine freedom created by Chanel in the new fragrance for men – Bleu de Chanel.


This time we meet at the Mysia 3 Shopping Centre in a festive mood to celebrate holidays. We have invited selected brands from all over Poland whose products guarantee state-of-the-art leisure, inspire, stimulate and take you to the world of amusing activities.