Nowy Teatr anew

Teatr Nowy has a new  premises. After over a year of rebuilding,  a modern theatre complex with a foyer and administrative buildings has been commissioned for use. The new season will see a very versatile artistic programme. USTA Magazine is proud to be media patron of Nowy Teatr – one of the best stages in Europe.


If you need a small escape from the Polish traditional table Mickey Rotten proposes today tempeh with satay and the hero of the month, cucumber. Instead of fresh mint you can add geranium, which you probably can find when you visit your grandmother. Light, fresh, invigorating!

No fumes, kenaf and olive leaves

The USTA Magazine team had a pleasure to test an exceptional car.  BMW i3 – is the first zero emissions mass-produced BMW vehicle. What is more, it was produced with sustainable materials and technologies: carbon, kenaf, and eucalyptus wood processed ecologically from certified European forests.

Visiting the Film Apartments

The Festival of Open Apartments will be organised for the fourth time. As during the previous editions, the participants will have a chance to take a peek inside private apartments, houses and ateliers. All of them were somehow involved with cinematography – some of them served as film sets, others used to be inhabited by famous directors, actors and set designers. USTA Magazine is a media patron of the Festival. And you be ready for visiting and participating in the film tours during two April weekends – 9-10 April and 23-24 April.

Min’s sandwiches

A new bistro-shop Min’s Onigiri  has just opened in Poznań. It serves onigiri, rice triangles wrapped in nori. Yes! The famous Japanese “sandwiches”. What makes it even more attractive, the bistro is run by a Korean Sungmin Han and the interior of this small place has a modern design. The available onigiri combine Korean and Japanese culinary traditions, such as  bibimbap flavour, kimchi or bulgogi beef . People are queuing in front of Min’s Onigiri and Min hardly keeps up with all the orders.

Stuffed Gooseneck and Challah

The new Charlotte bistro has just opened in Warsaw. Warsaw’s second Charlotte has taken a historical location – a place formerly occupied for years by Menora restaurant in Grzybowski Square. The new Charlotte wants to maintain the tradition of the former Jewish restaurant and, apart from their regular offer, will serve typical Jewish cuisine dishes, such as stuffed goose neck, herring marinated in vinegar on bread or challah. Apart from the food, the new Charlotte will hold culinary workshops and will be a regular information point for the City’s Jewish culture and tradition.


Coffee on the Swallow’s Tail

Watch out! A new café has just opened in Żoliborz! The name of the place “Jaskółka” (English: Swallow) was inspired by the past. For many years a famous barber from Żoliborz, named Jaskółka had his barbershop in the very same location. The interior was designed by the ceramics duo Fenek Kaktus.

Women in Chanel

They have been working together for several years. They have a soft spot for photographing women. They are doing it in intelligent and charming way. There is something elegant and tender about their portraits. We always search for a higher level of intimacy in our images – Peter Farago and Ingela Klemetz Farago tell USTA Magazine.

(Polski) Żaneta czy Ernest?

Kwietnik (Eng. plant holder) was created few months ago for all potted plants’ amateurs. The form and execution are inspired by the Polish design from the 1970s and 1980s. We were especially enchanted with the retro shapes that we remember so well from our childhood and the names of the products inspired by more or less common Polish male and female first names: Karol, Ernest, Żaneta or Krystyna.

The Festival of Flowers in Poznań

After two successful editions in Warsaw, USTA Magazine and Mysia 3 Shopping Centre will organise the Festival of Flowers in PURO Hotel in Poznań. Throughout the whole Saturday, you will be able to buy flowers, perfumes, clothes and jewellery inspired by the flowers. The premiere of the book “O kwiatach” (“On Flowers”) is also scheduled for that day.

Let’s Celebrate Spring!

USTA Magazine and MYSIA 3 Shopping Centre have pleasure to invite you to the second edition of THE FESTIVAL OF FLOWERS. We present the most interesting and modern trends in floristry and ceramics. You will be able to buy seedlings to plant them in your gardens and on your balconies and take blooming spring bouquets home. We also prepared flower and plant workshops. Our guests will have opportunity to see how flower compositions are made and presented with exquisite craftsmanship, talk with growers or just simply do their shopping.

Out now: The Book on Flowers

We have pleasure to introduce you to our new book. After  „O jabłkach” („On Apples”), „O chlebie”(„On Bread”) and „O rybach” („On Fish”) we are taking slightly different direction. This time we are picking the flowers. Together with Łukasz Marcinkowski and Radek Berent from Poznań’s florist KWIATY&MIUT we will spend the whole year with flowers. From early spring, through the blossoming and harvesting until the winter rest.

Seal meat balls and rice with cinnamon

Magnus Nilsson is one of top representatives of the young generation of Scandinavian chefs, accomplice in the current culinary upheaval which turned all eyes of the gastronomy world to the far North. What is the taste of the North according to his palate? We had a pleasure to ask him in an interview for the new USTA issue. Today his restaurant – Fäviken – has received two Michelin stars, according to the newly published guide dedicated to Scandinavia.

USTA in Silesia

“Is Katowice located in a factory? Do polar bears roam the streets?”* We went to see it in the flesh! We discovered a region in the process of transformation, with enormous number of new buildings – massive, institutional, just commissioned. The situation of local gastronomy is also changing dynamically. A half of the places we describe did not exist two years ago. Still, remember that in Silesia sometimes it is just worth to eat in a miners’ cantina.

Meet Polish Meat

This is a graduation project of an Amsterdam tourism student, Emilia van Wijngaarden, witch we support. She committed herself to creating a meat-focused, culinary trail in Mazowieckie Voivodship, which aims at presenting the new quality of Polish beef at both ends – at its source, and in high-end restaurants.

Let’s go to Komarovka Market!

If you are intrigued by the delicacies of the former Soviet Union countries cuisine, you have to visit Komarovka – the largest market in the capital of Belarus where you can buy and taste almost anything – from the Caucasian lavash to the mutton from Kazakhstan.

Pastels and Sandwiches

If you love Wes Anderson movies just as we do, you have to visit Bar Luce in Milan.  Amazing,  elaborate in every detail interior was designed by the director of the unforgettable “The Darjeeling Limited” and “Moonrise Kingdom”.

And the restaurants will bloom

We are happy to inform that USTA became media patron of the Restaurant Week, one of the biggest gastronomic events in Poland. The spring edition , organised under ‘The Festival of Best Restaurants – The Blooming Restaurant Scene’ name will take place from 1 to 10 April! We are even more happy that it will coincide with our Festival of Flowers at Mysia 3. What a pleasure to celebrate the coming of spring together!

Box no. 13: Home-baked focaccia sandwich with carrot paste

Sandwich is the most common second breakfast treat – but one sandwich does not equal another! Today we suggest a sandwich made with home-baked focaccia. The recipe might seem difficult, but believe us, the fresh yeast is not as scary as they paint it. Just a little bit of energy to knead the dough and a room with stable temperature for the dough to rise will be just fine. The yeast does not like too high or too low temperatures nor draughts.

The Emperor’s Omelette

We recently went to the Austrian Alps. We were skiing all day. And then après-ski, in a mountain shelter we ate the famous Kaiserschmarrn – the leftovers from the emperor’s table, a characteristic shredded omelette. It tasted like never before.