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USTA Magazine – The Classic

The autumn issue of the USTA Magazine is already out. Let’s take a look what awaits you inside. Here is some sneak peak. The autumn season puts us in a nostalgic mood. Another summer has passed, the leaves are turning red, conkers and acorns are torpedoing the streets, and we are trying to keep poker faces up against the incoming chills and the looming winter in our beautiful country. At this time of the year, it is good to turn to proven methods of lifting oneself up. The classic forms and flavours. The quality, the elegance, the simplicity. The durability

Yeast Cake with Ginger Pudding and Plums

  Making a good yeast cake is quite a challenge. It requires time, patience and technique. However, the effect is worth it – here is a beautifully grown, fresh cake in the autumn version with plums, ginger pudding and butter crumble. (more…)

Hope, Passion, and Bauhaus

  Do you remember Je Sus restaurant in Poznań, in Toczaka street, which used to serve wonderful, original, plant-based cuisine? We have good news. Je Sus comes back in a new and feminine version as Nadzieja (Eng. Hope). Ewelina Gracz is in charge of the kitchen and Agnieszka Owsiany designed the beautiful, minimalistic interior. We paid a visit to Nadzieja and we met both ladies to learn how this inspiring place was brought to life. (more…)

Books that make you want to hit the road

Are you looking for an idea for a trip or holidays? We have selected for you 6 new books that portray unusual ways of travelling. All these paths awaiting discovery on your own or with a company, by foot or by motorcycle. And for dessert, something for the lazy ones who love beautiful design - a guide to top modern hotels. (more…)

Salt Wave Festival

  The most beautiful part of the Polish coast, heat of the last days of August, humming waves, cold sand underneath the feet, freckles, salty hair, surfing at sunset, smell of pine wood, happy shouts of friends at the campsite and, last but not least, great music. You will find it all at the Salt Wave Festival. Tickets are on sale. USTA Magazine is media patron. (more…)

Eye on Wrocław vol. 4

A few moments in bed with Yoko and John, an hour of Japanese delight for body and palate,a relaxation in the garden with an installation full of sounds and smells, a one-day art gallery and a site specific installation - this is the programme we are coming back with to Wrocław. One year after the last edition, on September 7, we invite you to Eye on Wrocław to show you, in a whole new way, the finest phenomena, brands and people of Wrocław. (more…)

Wabi Sabi in Poznań’s Jeżyce

A truly remarkable place has opened recently in Poznań. Happa to mame cafe in the district of Jeżyce is wonderfully spacious yet minimalistic. They serve traditional Japanese sweets – all the daifuku, dango and dorayaki are hand-made and home-made. They are accompanied by matcha-based drinks. It would be hard no find another place so thoroughly Japanese in Poland. (more…)


Winelove is for us one of the most interesting wine stores in Poland. It offers everything we love about wines: organic wines, natural wines, orange wines, as well as avant-garde curiosities from vineyards in Italy, Austria, Spain and… even Poland! You can buy there bottles from a wine co-operative near Milan Valli United (Rosatea, Brut), from Meinklang, Claus Preisinger, Erich Andert, Frank Cornalissen or Polish Dom Bliskowice. The offer also includes Polish cheese and eco delicatessen products from Italy, Austria, and France. Winelove for years was sharing space with an Italian restaurant in Św. Ducha street, but now it has


We went with Gretkowska to Kutno, we travelled with Waligóra across the Gobi desert, with Ryciak we crossed the ocean without a ticket. With Chrobak, we headed for the unacknowledged countries and we toured Japan in a campervan with Wierzejski. Above all, though, we travelled in search of the meaning of our journeys. And on top of that, in the summer issue of USTA Magazine we prepared a guide to Warsaw – we present you a list of our top 30 places in the capital. (more…)


Hashtag #vanlife still rules in the social media, especially in the sunny-Californian version. Who would imagine, however, setting on a journey to the distant Japan in a campervan and with three kids?! It turns out this can be a perfect vacation for a family of 5. Here is the proof - the travel journal. (more…)

Coffee and Vintage Shopping

  Lekarska is a charming narrow street hidden in the very centre of Warsaw. It is here that the famous villa Rechowicz is located – ancient house of a family of set designers, authors of exhibition pavilions, decorative fabrics and paintings. It is also here that the online platform selling vintage items opened their café. The office of the company occupies the upper floors of this pre-war villa. On the ground floor and in the garden there is a café serving excellent specialty coffee. You can take a sit and have your coffee in this stylish interior, and then buy

A hat with super power

She resigned from designing clothes and instead concentrated on hats, which she finishes herself by hand. She is inspired by the work of Polish and Portuguese artisans. She reactivates the vanishing craft of millinery in her mobile atelier, where she creates beautiful hats that she believes give women superpowers and never go out of fashion. We talk with Alexandra Sulżyńska, founder of the brand Jolie Su. (more…)

Cuckoo’s Nest

  Another sweet spot on the map of Warsaw. The cuckoo built its nest in Mokotowska 52. The people behind the new pastry shop Kukułka are Dominika Krzemińska, owner of the next-door restaurant Przegryz, privately a keen ornithologist, and owners of the nearby Ale Wino restaurant. (more…)