We start the year 2019 on an erotic note. We have prepared for you a variety of sensual, voluptuous and carnal stories. We make things hot, although spring has not fully sprung yet. And on top of that, we bring you the 21st issue of the USTA Magazine in a whole new, refreshed layout designed by Agata Bartkowiak.


We visited Wschód (Eng. Sunrise) Bar in Krakow’s district of Kazimierz. We immediately got to like its informal atmosphere, the wabi sabi interior design and the delicious Asian streetfood.


We are in a beautiful, wide space in Stalowa street – one of the prettiest and still underrated streets of Warsaw’s Praga district. We have an impression that Stalowa could equally be located in Berlin’s Neukolln. It is easy to believe, especially when we look at it while drinking a filter coffee and eating a thick slice of fresh bread with country butter from the Rano Bakery (Eng. Morning Bakery), which opened in July.


Her plates and bowls from the “Wave” collection have been all over social media in the past weeks. These pastel blue, pink and light blue pieces evoke summer paradise or the endless sky during the sunsets – that is everything we miss so much in Poland during winter. These projects come from Mua Studio, made by Katia Romanowska.


We bring you the 20th issue of USTA Magazine which we devote to emotions. We came up with the idea for this theme to energise this winter, to warm it up, turn it on, to stir things up. We needed it badly when we were working on this issue in the gloomy Warsaw November. We have been looking for the power triggers, as well as questions and people that will inspire us to get up in the morning and wander through the foggy autumn days.


Collectors in Poland – we checked what they are gathering, and why and how much their collections gain in value. We described people with a broad spectrum of interests, ranging from Scandinavian design, GDR glass, and Polish photography to plastic beads and toys from Olympia flea market. In the new USTA Magazine we bring you interviews with specialists in collecting like Maurycy Gomulicki or Adam Leja.


With a grain of his own unique contrariness, he readily emphasizes that in case of Category 5 hurricane, he would remain sitting in his living room, eating peanuts and contemplating nature’s frenzy. Meet Rodrigo Larios, architect, artist and master in living.



Attention! For the fifth time we will be welcoming the spring at the Festival of Flowers. This time we do it simultaneously in two locations. Traditionally, at the Mysia 3 Shopping Centre and at Puro Hotel Warsaw, which opens in April this year.

Sensual collection

It’s already been decided:  this spring, our senses will be our focus.  It will be sweet and jam-packed with emotion, it will get hot and our bodies will experience chills more than once.  But let’s start at the beginning.  FiORE’s new Sensual collection will lead us into temptation and bring us into close contact with our senses.


he bar and restaurant UL (Eng. Beehive) in Poznanska street has undergone a real metamorphosis and has now become UL Yafo. On that occasion, Polish artist Laura Pawela made a series of collages blending ancient photographies from Tel Aviv Jaffa and the contemporary aesthetics of computer error.


Peace in the Kitchen

Peace is the opposite of conflict, time of harmony and lack of concern. It can also be a space – free from prejudices, divisions, with openness to dialogue and cooperation. From January you will find such a place in Kuchnia Konfliktu, where the lower room will be turned into a cosy zone dedicated to workshops, meetings, screenings and discussions.



We have a pleasure to invite you to the fourth edition of our event dedicated to the body. This time during the Festival of Body in Mysia 3, we will bring you health and wellbeing consultations, quick massage sessions and fitness area. Come and join us at Mysia 3 Shopping centre on December 1!


For the fourth time we have a pleasure to invite you to one of our favourite festivals at Mysia 3 Shopping Centre. Two queens – coffee and tea – will reign at the October edition of one our cyclical events – the Festival of Tea and Coffee.



We have a pleasure to invite you to the second edition of Crops – The Festival of the Countryside. Last year’s event in Warsaw had a fantastic turnout and this is why we decided to organise the Festival again. There will be delicious products straight from the field, unique handicraft, natural cosmetics as well as discussions about modern farming methods.