Shrove Thursday is a culmination of the carnival, the gluttony holiday. Everyone is racing when it comes to the amount of eaten donuts, of consumed calories. We  exchange opinions on favourite cake shops, fillings, traditions. We propose something new – donuts of the millet groats is an idea for the ones who do not  tolerate gluten or for someone who is looking for something different. 

Toilet Paper in the kitchen

Fngers cut or bitten soap are one of the most recognizable photographs of the artistic magazine Toilet Paper which in 2010 the artist Maurizio Cattelan and the photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari established.

Japanese broth with noodels

For warming up, cheering up and in order to fight the  results of yesterday frenzies, we have for you a parcel – Japanese broth with noodles.

Hearts of Amber:

We visited the factory of Old Poland cheeses and we brought from them this titbit. Hearts of Amber are the remains from the process of cutting cheese, but also supposedly one of tastiest of its parts.

SERWUS and the casserole

About SERWUS, a small bar in the center of Warsaw which serves casseroles, probably wrote all prestigious architectural – designer portals. In the opener of Lips we talk with the founders, a fertile duet Moko Architects/ M.F.R.M.G.R.


We were invited to the Sunday dinner for the new Warsaw restoration: kuchnia Funkcjonalna. Before official opening we seated beneath the sloping roof, fitted with glass of the modernist villa, and Bartek Polak, the owner and the head chef, especially for us prepared four exceptional dishes.