Wine and cheese in a Polish version

How to define farmstead cheese? How does Halloumi cheese produced in Poland tastes like? And is it possible to produce good wines in Poland? One can find it out during the workshops of the Poznań Culinary Academy SPOT. To EAT and while visiting SPOT restaurant.

Makutra stacjonarna!

Jeden z naszych ulubionych sklepów z przedmiotami kuchennymi, Makutra, który do tej pory działał jako sklep internetowy, otworzył się właśnie swoją stacjonarną siedzibę. W Warszawie na uroczej, malej uliczce Oleandrów.

Ostrygowy Bon Ton

Połykać w całości, pozwalając aksamitnej, słonawej zawartości prześlizgnąć się przez usta i spłynąć po języku do gardła, czy też skorzystać z widelczyka i wgryźć się w otoczony delikatnym płaszczem rzęsek żywy byt, uwalniając smak i aromat porannego odpływu o nutach jodu i morskich wodorostów?

Accompaniment for shakshouka

An addition to the recipies for Shakshouka from the opener of Usta magazine! Maya Marom, an author of an Israeli blog Bezakalim, adds her recipies for her favourite additions: babaganoush, challah: a Jewish Brioche, Israeli salad and Szhug: a Yeminite style spicy spread.

Before or after?

Eliza Mórawska cooked for USTA Magazine four dishes with which you can start or add point love raptures. Try one of them, and three remaining you will find in printed version of the magazine. We can assure you that all of them taste insanely. Be good and cut pancetta very thinly.


Preparing the interview and the photo session with Leon Tarasewicz we invited ourselves to have a dinner with him. The house is incredible (photos are available in the printed version of Lips), located Podlasie area of Poland, right next to the Polish Belarussian border. The sister of the painter, Mrs Eugenia, regaled us with mushroom borscht, duck on the cabbage with marinated pears and plums. And Leon regaled us with stories about forgotten tastes.


Shrove Thursday is a culmination of the carnival, the gluttony holiday. Everyone is racing when it comes to the amount of eaten donuts, of consumed calories. We  exchange opinions on favourite cake shops, fillings, traditions. We propose something new – donuts of the millet groats is an idea for the ones who do not  tolerate gluten or for someone who is looking for something different. 

Sea perch in the leaf of banana tree

Sometimes when we come back from a restaurant, we would like to repeat the dish which exceptionally tasted at home. If only we manage to buy an exotic leaf of pandanus and a fresh sea perch, this variation won’t be difficult.

Statonary Makutra

Makutra belongs to the list of our favourite stores with kitchen equipment. So far it was functioning only as an online shop. Right now Makutra just opened a stationary registered office. The store operates in Warsaw, on a small, charming Oleandrow street.

Cardmon bread pudding

In every house there is always some bread left. And after all we don’t like to waste food. Let us not throw it away, there is a way to use it for the second time. The bread pudding comes from the English cuisine, but here it tastes just as well.


Michelle Polzine looks like alive taken out of a fashion magazine from 1950s. Cat’s glasses, intensively red lipstick and retro style dress. In 20th Century Cafe that she is leading in San Francisco, the time goes backwards.

Savoy cabbage with the wild boar stewed in the root beer

The time before the harvest is not easy. Vegetables from last year’s sets are slowly ending, and we don’t want to eat early spring ones. We choose products which are seasonal and local. The cabbage, russet, thin, dry, smoked, pepperoni-like sausage from the wild boar. Additionally, a Polish brown beer. We will surely last till spring!

Burger and hip hop

There are many things which work just better in duet – rock & roll, gin & tonic, as well as burgers & hip hop. This last couple became Kavity Goodstar’s passion, which, let her heart and stomach rule her head, created an exceptionally popular cyclical event in Berlin under the name “Burgers & hip hop”. Today the next edition took there place.

Mother’s Meatballs

The flavour of leniwe (Polish Lazy Dumplings) with salt is in Rutu Modan’s genes. But she had to come to Poland to discover that. An Israeli illustrator tells us why, after all, she decided to get to know the motherland of her ancestors.

4 Easter shortcakes

We prepare it and eat it only once per year, during Easter. Easter shortcakes are popular not only in Mazovia, from where they supposedly come from (Mazurian in the past was perceived as a resident of Masovia). We compete with each other with ideas with what to fill the brittle bottom and how to decorate it. We present two of our author’s recipes and two verified versions.

Oyster bon ton

Should we swallow it in a whole, letting the velvet and salty content slide over through the mouth and stream down the tongue to the throat, or should we use the small fork and bite into a surrounded with delicate sheath of cilia living existence releasing the taste and the aroma of the morning outflow with the scent of iodine and marine seaweeds?

Burgers and whiskey


Do you know that the burger owes its name to … Hamburg. An ancestor of contemporary burgers was a Hamburg Style Beef, which was brought to America in the 19th century by German immigrants.


Cheap, healthy, quickly, appetizingly? This recipe combines all these advantages. We recommend the pearl barley with vegetables, caramelized ginger and the goat’s cheese. It is perfect to prepare  it in the evening, and next day to take it to work and to offer it to the colleagues in the office.

Lent: Between the hell and the heaven

In times of the rule of Bolesław I “the Brave” for the Lent non-compliance it was possible to loose teeth, and in times of the Counter Reformation one could be suspected for dealings with the devil. Strict dietary principles frightened the foreigners off, but Polish courtiers knew how to console themselves at the times of lent with sugar suppers and the culinary illusion. Who had a permanent dispensation from fasting, and who should be a saint of Polish slow food? About all this we are talking with the professor Jarosław Dumanowski.

Lips stimulators

Jinhyun Jeon, the South Korean designer living in Netherlands, decided to shift  into a design language a banal truth: a taste is an experience, on which all our senses are working.